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From Steel to Success: Our Journey in Metal Fabrication

1994 - 2024

GF Engitech is a leading Indian Fabrication Company founded in 2000 which offers innovative and reliable fabrication and manufacturing services globally. Being present in the industry for over 20 years, GF Engitech has built a significant reputation for itself in the global fabrication industry.

We have a team of certified and well-proficient engineers and craftsman that passionately work towards building high-quality stainless steel, aluminium, mild steel, and other metal machines for different industry verticals. Apart from producing and supplying advanced metal solutions, we also offer metal punching, cutting, bending, coating, machining, designing, and assembling services.

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Years of Experience

Exploring GF Engitech Expertise

Our expert technical teams are highly experienced in understanding the various intricacies of the fabrication industry and hence provide effective metal solutions for clients that can substantially increase their workflow efficiency.

GF Engitech is committed to facilitate the highest standard quality products for which we have designed a well-organised and standardised fabrication process structure that ensures highly accurate, robust, and efficient production cycle outcomes.

Our Seamless Services for the Best Process Outcomes

Besides, our hassle-free maintenance system allows clients to keep their machines running and minimise the downtime for their work processes. Being one of the leading fabrication companies, GF Engitech ensures to deliver you advanced engineering designs using cutting-edge technologies that will help you lead your industry and gain profitable outcomes.


Being a ISO 9001 certified company, we have over 6+ certifications, making us qualified and one of the best in the fabrication industry.

Our Clients

We take immense pride in our extensive and diverse client base of over 100 companies that are highly satisfied from our services.


Our expert team of 1000+ engineers and skilled workers sweat day and night to deliver the finest quality products to our clients.

A Glance at Our Vision and Mission

Forged with Passion: Crafting Finest Metal Solutions for Your Industry

Our Values

We strive to bring excellence in all our fabricated products by exceeding industry standards and delivering clients accurate and superior quality metal products, customised to client requirements.


To facilicate innovative and reliable metal fabrication solutions and setting new standards of excellence in the global metal industry.


Our mission is to empower our clients with exceptional metal fabrication services by leveraging our expertise, cutting-edge technologies, and unwavering commitment to designing, manufacturing, and supplying the highest quality metal products.